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Las Jaras

las jaras superbloom cuvee zero zero 2022 750ml


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Superbloom is named after the wildflowers that erupt in the desert after a wetter-than-normal rainy season. They’re a sign that winter is over and warmer, happier days are ahead. This is our fourth vintage of Superbloom, our zero-zero wine that defies categorization. Is it dark pink? Or is it light red? You know that moment right after sunset, before the stars are out in full—what poets call the “violet hour”? That’s the moment to open this wine. Call it a nighttime rosé, if you’d like. Drink it with food and friends for a perfect summer apéro.


Our original wild idea with this wine was to co-ferment red and white Rhône varieties from a single vineyard, then to keep it completely natural by adding nothing and taking away nothing in the cellar. This wine will usually contain half to two-thirds white grapes and the balance red. We call this a “California Table Wine.” But don’t be fooled by the humble name. Superbloom is a complex, utterly unique wine that was originally made to express the specialness of Love Ranch vineyard in the Sierra Foothills. The red grapes give this wine a spicy nose and plenty of texture, while the white grapes and beautiful, salted watermelon and rhubarb notes, plus a clean, mineral finish.


750ml Bottle