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A crisp and clear, White/Blanche Armagnac of finest quality, of which each step of the process is nursed, right from where the grapes are born, until we bottle.Coming from the same Armagnac "terroir", ROXANE benefits from 700 hundred years of "savoir-faire". The major difference with the traditional Brown-colored Armagnac is that ROXANE is young, un-aged, and a clear spirit full of fruit and freshness. Never compromised by barrels, She is the true essence of Armagnac.Our detail-oriented oenologist follows the grapes from fruit set to veraison. As the grapes approach maturity, we start a daily monitoring and sampling to find just the right moment to pick. Only delicate Colombard varietal is used for the young Lady of Armagnac, giving a lot of roundness and fragrant aromas to the spirit.
Tasting Notes

Transparent, no color.The nose is fruity and floral, with orange blossoms, lime, pamplemousse grapefruit and white flowers.The body coats the palate like honey on a spoon. Articulate and delicate flavors of lemon and fresh green apples are nothing short of inspiring! Ripe fresh peach is all around ROXANE, balanced by ever present lemon essential oils providing a long-lasting, pleasant acidity. The finish is long, dry, clean and sharp as a musketeer sword, and effortlessly elegant.Having been around for centuries, ROXANE benefits from years of experience and skillfully expresses wisdom and sophistication.