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Uzuri is a citrus liqueur handcrafted from japanese yuzu, 100% locally grown rice, and pristine, local groundwater. Akin to our expertly crafted kikori whiskey, yuzuri was born out of a desire to find balance in all things. Family, work, play, spirituality and, of course, extraordinary spirits.

Uzuri takes a page from the smooth drinkability and balanced flavor of kikori whiskey. Using only spirits distilled from the same locally grown rice and pristine groundwater on the island of kyushu in southern Japan, yuzuri yuzu liqueur is an equally distinct potable that's matchless in both essence and taste.

Uzuri is that delicate and versatile liqueur that can be enjoyed in a myriad of ways - simply on its own, over ice, coupled with our expertly crafted kikori whiskey, and shaken, stirred, or blended into cocktails.

750ml bottle