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An expression of the finest craftsmanship. After a long and delicate aging process, the extra-aged tequila is matured for a short period in French oak Cognac barrels creating a balanced, soft, and unique flavor with notes of vanilla, red fruit and cinnamon. A perfect expression of the land that nurtures the fine Weber blue agave and the hands that craft its final liquid, Milenio is considered the best representation of 1800 Tequila's roots and worthy of only those who appreciate the finest tequila.

1800 Milenio Extra Anejo Tequila (40% ABV / 80 Proof) - as with the original 1800 Milenio, this re-release is made from extra-aged anejo tequila which has been aged for five years. This tequila was then finished in French oak ex-cognac barrels for four months before bottling. The dark amber gold color of 1800 Milenio shows off its long time in oak and is nearly identical to many major bourbons on the market. 1800 Milenio's time in oak is also quite apparent on the nose which leads with strong old oak. Other key elements from its time in barrel are also clearly present on the nose including vanilla, almond, sawdust, and cinnamon. The underlining tequila notes are there including white pepper and roasted agave, but they are more supporting players to the barrel aromas.

The entry for 1800 Milenio Tequila is very oak forward with many of the oak notes from the nose present on the palate, including cigar box, old oak, and sawdust. These oak notes are well supported by some underlining sweet notes including caramel, vanilla, and spiced cake. As things head towards the midpalate, the tequila's vegetal character becomes more apparent with dill, white pepper, and roasted agave added to the mix. In the midpalate 1800 Milenio's spicy character emerges with an increase in the pepper kick, cinnamon, clove, allspice, and dash of hot peppers.

750ml bottle