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Ardbeg is one of the distilleries that led the way with No Age Statement whisky - that is, releasing single malt whisky that doesn't contain a number on the bottle to indicate its age. Ardbeg Corryvreckan and Uigeadail, in particular, proved very popular because the whisky was so good. Other distilleries followed suit. And Ardbeg continued the trend of releasing No Age Statement whiskies year after year, which rather frustrated the old-school Ardbeg drinkers who were used to the iconic age statements (17 was a particularly good number). So it's a big deal when Ardbeg finally does tell us a new number. This time, with Ardbeg Twenty One, that number must be significant.

Colour: Old gold

Nose: As expected with an older whisky, the peat isn't as pronounced. Very coastal at first, with salt-spray and lemon juice. Once that settles there's a beautiful sweet peat note mixing with the vanilla from the American oak. Smoked salmon. Sage. Assam tea. Burnt bacon. For me this feels like a classic Ardbeg nose (classic in an E-Type Jag kind of way).

In the mouth: Unexpectedly clean for an Ardbeg (this is not Corryvreckan or Uigeadail), with a lightly cloying texture. Smoked salmon again. The peat is gentle but there's plenty of peppery warmth - either from the peat or the wood, it's quite tightly bound together. Very mossy and herbal: sage and thyme. Hemp. Vanilla returns, perhaps with a touch of floral honey combined. Tinned tomatoes. The pepper returns on a lingering finish.

Finish: Long and lingering, but quite gentle, almost soothing, with more coal tar, aniseed and smoky butter.

Critical Acclaim:

"With Ardbeg Twenty One you're paying the money for the rarity - that's obvious - but the liquid you're getting is gorgeous. Less like new Ardbegs, a lot like older ones. Honest. Raw. No fancy tricks. Ardbeg Twenty One is my favourite distillery-bottled Ardbeg for years, probably since the great Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist. Wonderful. Open it up and raise a glass to the past." 750ml bottle