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Behind L'Or de Jean Martell is a marvellous story: the quintessence ofthree-hundred-years' cognac expertise. From the earliest days his insistence on perfection drove Jean Martell, founder of the firm that bears his name, to monitor and control every step of the cognac-making process. The results were not slow in coming and Martell quickly gained popularity among the most discerning connoisseurs: Napoleon's major-domo, the Austrian court, the Russian tsars and the Kings of England. Its fame brought it ever more devotees: - "Our eaux-de-vie are renowned as the best in the Kingdom" (Jean Martell, 1721) - and orders poured in from overseas. Throughout its three-hundred-year history, Martell has continuously striven to hone its expertise and know-how.

Today, the House of Martell is proud to present L'Or de Jean Martell, the culmination of the house style: a double distillation of the clearest eaux-de-vie, a sophisticated combination of the four finest growths - Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, the Fins Bois and, of course, the Borderies - and a lengthy maturation in fine-grain oak barrels.

L'Or de Jean Martell is the product of the unique art, the absolute art of Martell, painstakingly developed by successive generations of cellar masters.

The finest materials, beauty of the design and hand-crafted expertise characterise the L'Or de Jean Martell decanter. Decorated individually, each decanter is hand-blown in crystal using time-honoured skills which combine technical mastery with a feeling for the material. It is Cristal de Sevres, with all its unique properties, that forms the decanter for the house's most prestigious cognac. Sparkling with purity, its curves are embellished with gilded garlands, subtle allusions to the elegant French classical style.

Like a still within which the magic of distillation is woven, the decanter holds at its centre a drop enclosing and protecting the precious elixir. A true jewel, its timeless form encapsulates the excellence and creativity for which the House of Martell stands.

L'Or de Jean Martell owes its character to aged eaux-de-vie from the Borderies which lend it exceptional complexity and richness. The Borderies constitute the smallest and most exclusive growth of the Charentes region, and one for which Jean Martell always had a preference. They yield the refined eaux-de-vie that are the hallmark of Martell. As the spirit matures, its candied-fruit notes offset the power and depth of the Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie. A blend of several hundred eaux-de-vie, some of which have aged over a century like hidden treasure deep in the house's cellars, L'Or de Jean Martell is the climax of a quest for perfection lasting three hundred years.

In Cognac, the cellars where the oldest spirits are stored traditionally bear the name "Paradise". At Martell, Paradise has been rechristened the "Chai Jean Martell", or Jean Martell Cellar. This secret cellar, to which only a chosen few have access, holds exceptionally rare spirits, some of which date back to 1830. Regarded as the "holy of holies", this place inspires awe and is entered only with the greatest respect and humility. It is from here that the Cellar Master draws some of the eaux-de-vie forL'Or de Jean Martell.

tasting notes
The first sense brought to bear, sight, detects an intense amber colour with hints of shimmering mahogany, before the nose encounters the extraordinarily complex aromas created by this unique blend of the Borderies and Grande Champagne growths. The fruited notes are the first to emerge (candied orange, prunes), then sweet spices (cinnamon, cumin) and gingerbread. Swirling the spirit in the glass releases mature notes of dried fruits, such as almonds and walnuts.

Finally to the taste, the range of flavours covers a wide spectrum. On the palate, the attack is silky-smooth and subtle. Then come richer, more substantial flavours ending in a remarkable succession of orange peel, prune and gingerbread notes; it is beautifully long on the palate, with lingering aromas. In a colourful image, this long finish may be described as a "peacock's tail" to do justice to its richness.
750ml Bottle