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The Grande Sendree takes its name from a parcel of land covered in cinders (cendree) after the fire which ravaged Urville in 1838. A spelling error having crept into a new version of the land register, today Sendree is written with "s", not "c". On very light soils made up of "crayot", the Chardonnaydisplays a very fine elegance while the Pinot Noir, with its slight predominance, brings power and great vinosity.

Millésime 2008:
The 2008 vintage is considered a great year in Champagne. Harvesting began on 15 September in ideal conditions. The grapes, healthy and well formed, displayed lovely acidity and had high sugar content.

Vinification of the Grande Sendree cuvee:
- Only the juices from first pressing - the cuvées - are used
- Mechanical low-pressure presses
- Use of gravity to avoid pumping, thus avoiding oxidisation
- Minimal use of sulphur, less than 30 mg/l
- Natural settling
- Alcoholic fermentation for roughly 2 weeks at low temperature
- Then total and natural malolactic fermentation
- No filtering

Assemblage - 35% of the wines are matured in oak barrels for 9 months. The cuvée is aged for 7 years sur lattes (on laths).
Dosage: 5 g/l

Tasting notes:
This champagne presents itself in a ravishing pale yellow robe with topaz nuances. Time has used its patina to reveal the wine's complexity. Hawthorn blends with acacia honey, beeswax and marzipan. When it is aerated, the wine resumes its murmurings, quince jelly meets raspberry jam and alternates with bergamot and warm brioche. On the palate it is invigorating, imposing and it teases the taste buds. The bead caresses and balances wild strawberry jam with ripe blood orange. This harmony is extended in a delicate minerality and a lovely bitterness in which hints of mandarin orange come through.

Serving suggestions:
Ideal as an aperitif. Goes perfectly with bouillon of crayfish and grapefruit, poached turbot with sauce hollandaise, scallop carpaccio, rack of lamb with foie gras, creamed Bresse fowl with truffles, mountain comte at least 18 months old.

Serve at 7 degrees Celsius.
750ml bottle