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Item #: 132781
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Harvest & Varietal Information:
Vintages: 60% 2012, 40% 2013
Vineyard locations: 61 % Spring Mountain District 39% Valley Floor, 100% Napa Valley
Release date: August 1, 2016

People ask, why blend vintages? We ask, why not? The benefits of blending vintages can work similarly to blending varieties. A wine with layers of complexity, wrapped around a balanced and flowing core is our quest. We also want a wine with individuality, a specific personality, so we have found that working with just two vintages is best.

NV13 is our biggest, most dramatic Cain Cuvee to date. For this wine, we look for early drinkability- and you will find it. You will also find nearly enough richness and substance to overwhelm the inherent complexity of this beautiful wine, but the balance succeeds. In the world of serious red wine, Cain Cuvee stands almost alone. All of our wines are Cabernet blends, and yet the Cain Cuvee takes it one step further-it is also a blend of two vintages.

Today, with the exception of Champagne, the blending of vintages has been nearly forgotten and lost, except with Cain Cuvee. Though the vineyards are the same, no two vintages are ever identical. Certainly a thoughtful blend of two vintages will always be more balanced, more complex, and more interesting than either could be by itself.

The whole principle of the Cain Cuvee project is to deliver wines that you can take seriously, and also that you can enjoy without a special occasion. Even so, if you have a bottle or two left, the NV13 will easily run for another decade.

750ml bottle