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Item #: 121108
Our Price: $7.99
In need of an authentic, luscious, sensational, and fascinating treat that will immediately become the answer to your cravings, as well as leave both a stellar impression and once in a lifetime pure French taste? - Your prayer has been answered, we've got you covered! Introducing Mathez French Chocolate Truffles with Pistachio, 8.8 oz, which will soon become an irreplaceable and indivisible part of your daily eating routine! Its remarkable, rich and sophisticated taste creates an indelible synergy with pistachio seeds. Quite frankly, Its unique taste will most definitely leave you asking for more! Feel the irresistible, impeccable, and enthralling taste of one of the most distinguished and outstanding Mathez truffles - A source of your joy and happiness! With almost a centurial experience of producing phenomenal, marvelous, and thrilling French chocolate truffles, Chocolat Mathez excels at creating Gourmet cocoa truffles of the highest quality. The most exciting part is that the Mathez cocoa beans come straight from West Africa! Buckle up and get ready for your breathtaking adventure with Chocolat Mathez!

8.8oz Box