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Stroopwafels, as the Dutch call them, are often referred to caramel cookie waffles by the American people. The Stroopwafel is a very popular Dutch cookie, loved by everyone. Basically it consists of two soft round Belgian waffle-like disks with caramel syrup in between them that creates a chewy center. Historical research indicates that Stroopwafels are one of the Netherlands' true specialties. The development of the Stroopwafel suggests that a vanilla and cinnamon cookie dough is pressed between flame-heated waffle irons, split and filled with fresh homemade caramel. The origins of this process have been traced back to the 1800s, geographically situated in the Dutch province of North Holland, close to the city Gouda (think cheese). These wonderful cookies can be eaten as a snack, with a cup of coffee or tea or for dessert. Some people enjoy eating their Stroopwafels warm. To do this they simply place the waffle on top of their warm cup of coffee or tea. After a couple of minutes the Stroopwafel has warmed up and the syrup has melted a little bit adding some extra aroma to the cookie. The Stroopwafel could also be placed in the microwave for about ten to fifteen seconds, which will give you the same result. This is also an excellent idea: warm the waffle up and your cookie tastes fresh and delicious all over again! However, note that Stroopwafels have an extremely long shelf life and they freeze very well.
8.8oz (252g)