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Honey was once the standard by which all sweetness, both culinary and poetic, was measured. Though it has slowly given way to table sugar's more neutral taste, greater convenience and lesser price, honey remains a prized food worldwide and its ambrosial lineage, intimacy with Nature and rich potential for metaphor still gives it pride of place in the minds of poets.
In spite of yielding territory to ordinary sugar and artificial sweeteners, honey still holds the high ground with knowledgeable cooks and others who appreciate its varied and complex flavors, superior baking properties and purported health benefits.
Honey comes in a sepia range of colors, from water white to dark amber, and countless flavors and aromas that are startling in their diversity and delectation. Flavor is honey's most pleasurable quality. Its fundamental sweetness is countered by tart and savory notes, then buttressed by the distinctive flavors of the flowers among which the bees foraged.
Raw Michigan Honey is a Rich quality with a great taste.