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hippie snacks cauliflower crisps ranch


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Our Cauliflower Crisps bring real, straight-from-the-source cauliflower to you in a convenient, crispy, and delicious snack. Baked with real cauliflower, pumpkin seeds, and herbs, these plant-based crisps give you all the classic ranch and roasted cauliflower flavor you crave, with the crunch you deserve!

Hippie Snacks is committed to high-quality, nonGMO ingredients, all sourced from sustainable farmers and processors. We put our “Hippie Twist” on traditional snacks with real, whole-food ingredients you can pronounce. As a founding Canadian B Corporation, we walk the talk and are constantly challenging ourselves to reduce our impact. Food made right can make the world a better place on many levels and we invite you to come snack better with us!

70g Bag