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You can think of this dry-cured sausage as the Spanish equivalent of salami. We love that it's coarsely ground, which preserves the pork's meaty texture and marbled appearance. Thinly sliced, it tastes tender and rich, with the naturally nutty and sweet flavors that Ibérico pork is prized for. Salchichón gets its warming boost from black and white pepper; the minimal spices allow the Ibérico pork's delicate flavor to come through in the sausage.

Most people only know Ibérico pork for jamón ibérico, the ultra-luxe Spanish cured ham, but the melt-in-your-mouth meat tastes delicious in any form. For the highest-quality Ibérico products, we trust family company Fermín, which is based in Salamanca, Spain, and was the first authorized exporter of Ibérico products to the United States.

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