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JANUARY 8, 2009
Even beginners can enjoy Mel and Rose
Lightning Magazine Vol. 179
Recommended shop for traveler
① 初心者でも安心できる間違いないセレクト。MEL&ROSE. Even beginners can enjoy this great selection. MEL&ROSE. ② 自分への、また家族や友人へのお土産にワインやシャンパンを買う旅行者にお勧めのショップがここ。とくに帰りの際の空港の免税店で慌てて買うなんていやという人や、なんとなく興味があるけど、それほど知識がないという人はここへどうぞ。誰でもわかりやすいレイアウトと、ただたくさんの種類をおくだけはないセレクト。それにワイン通も納得の品ぞろえと3拍子そろったワインショップは珍しい。ワインは本場のカリフォルニア産をメインに、フランス、スペイン、イタリア産と充実。シャンパンはフレンチを中心にセレクトされている。イラン出身のオーナーの先代はテヘラン初のワインショップを立ち上げた人物。 This is a recommended shop for travelers who would like to buy wine or champagne as souvenirs for yourself, family, or friends. This shop is recommended for those who do not like to buy in a hurry at the duty free shop at the airport, and those who have an interest in wine but do not have much knowledge. The layout is easy to understand, and the selection is specialized. It is very rare to see such a well rounded wine shop with an uncomplicated layout, specialized selection and quality which even wine masters can appreciate. The store caries a variety of wines, including primarily Californian wines, as well as French, Spanish, and Italian wines. The champagne is mainly from France. The owner is originally from Iran, where his family created the first wine shop in Tehran.