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NOVEMBER 1, 2007
The Traveling Gourmet
by Jessica Iavazzi

Fancy Foods are Just Around the Corner
After 15 years as a family-owned retail store, Mel & Rose has become the wine mecca of Los Angeles. Guests can peruse more than 7,000 different wines and champagnes in the temperature-controlled wine cellar covering an expansive 3,000 square feet.

“Our selection is made in a way for wine savvies to enjoy it,” says owner, Shawn Banayan. “We go for good wine pairing with different foods.”

Whether you’re shopping for a wine to send to a client or a bottle to bring to dinner, Mel & Rose helps customers choose a perfect additional to any meal. “We have certain customers who ask for a nice bottle of wine that’s in their budget and we suggest wines by asking them simple questions like, ‘What’s for dinner?’ and ‘What are they going to have with it?,’” says Banayan.

Wine suggestions can be made over the phone for busy wine enthusiasts, and the bottle will be chilled and ready for pick-up. Mel & Rose also offers same-day local delivery, as well as shipping to anywhere in the world.

With wines ranging from $8 per bottle to $2,500 and champagnes that go for up to $15,000 a bottle, wine enthusiasts can experience tastes from the United States, several European countries, as well as New Zealand and Australia. Wines from Spain and Australia are a consistently popular choice among customers. For customers who do not know which region is their favorite, they can experience in-store wine tastings on Thursdays and Saturdays featuring appetizers and chesses from all regions.

More than just a paradise for wine lovers, the store in the center of Melrose Heights also sells gourmet food, extravagant gift baskets and has a full-service Italian deli. A store built on three simple principles, “service, service, service,” Banayan and his wife Sherry remain dedicated to their customers, which amounts to an exceptional experience every time.

8344 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles