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OCTOBER 1, 2007
Tresure Hunters, Seek No Further
by Evelyn Rogers
Mel & Rose Liquor & Deli can be your own secret stash

There’s much to be discovered at Mel & Rose wine cellar and general store, appropriately named for its Melrose site. From rare finds like the Screaming Eagle California Cabernet ($1749.99 bottle), to the ever-popular Haribo Gummy Happy Colas, this store will most likely have that something you’ve been wishing you could find. “We have a wide variety of items,” says owner Shawn Banayan. “There’s no barrier on who our customers can be. We specialize in getting to know our customers and understand what they want out of a wine.”
Weekly wine tastings are held under grapevines in the back patio. For $15, you can taste 10 fine international wines and snack on rich hors d’ouvres like Manchego cheese, garlic-herb chicken on toast, Prosciutto-wrapped melon, salami, and some of the best olives you’ve ever had.
It’s a lovely little exotic bubble to fall into after work on a weekday.
If you appreciate wine, this is a place you must go to expand your tastes. The diversity and service al Mel & Rose will undoubtedly cuase you to stumble upon new and exciting vineyard flavors. “People try to make wine a complicated subject,” Banayan says. “They try to make it a commodity. Wine is to be enjoyed. That is all.”
8344 Melrose Avenue