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The secret of the rarest elixirs
An exceptional carafe, a jewel of crystal preserving the secret of a rare vintage. The assemblage of this 'Cuvee 1888' is from Cognacs ageing in our 'Paradise' storehouse.
Some of these Cognacs are even older than 1888. They have been ageing for so many generations and are a testimony to the mastery of the late and great Monsiuer Pierre Frapin.
Offered in a limited series of 1888 bottles, the carafe-type bottle was inspired as a tribute to Pierre Frapin. In 1888, with a vineyard succesfully rejuvenated, he prepared his participation at the Universal Exhibition, for which Gustave Eiffel had just completed his famous tower.
Pierre Frapin selected some of his 'cuvees' and received the Gold Medal at this famous exhibition. This Gold Medal is still on display and proudly so, in the Eiffel Storehouse of our Chateau.

An emotional encounter with the mythic Folle Blanche
This assemblage of very old Grande Champagne Cognacs is in fact cognacs issued from the mythic Folle Blanche varietal, a varietal that has completely disappeared in modern times. This Folle Blanche lives up to its myth: surprising floral aromas, it's a Cognac both powerful and subtle. It is a celebration as it is a flourishing achievment of ancestral know-how.

A rich palatte of sensations
Of great distinction, this Cuvee develops a sumptous and profound sensuality. Its aromatic palatte is astonishingly complex: dried fruits, nuts, raisins, prunes, candied oranges, and cacao, tonka beans and coffee. The heart of its character is a sublime harmony of vineyard flowers, a flash of scents of the lime tree, pepper, soft spices, white honey, vanilla, leather, and tropical woods.

The Astonishing Crystal Carafe
For this historic Cuvee, Frapin Cognac has comissioned the design of an original carafe of elegant and pure form. Produced by the Cristalleries Royales de Champagne, the carafe is decorated with a golden edging. Its spiral shape recalls Cognac's slow ageing through time or the preparatory turning of cognac in a glass. The Etains d'Anjou created this golden line as also they did the golden cork.

The refinement of a sumptous Gift Box
Presented in a highly refined Gift Box of a 'Cognac cellar' form. The wood textures recall the warm atmospheres of Cognac and Habana cigars. Its base contains a small draw where one will find a reproduction of a 1888 watch.
Opening the watch a special perfume is released, ideal to accompany tastings.
750ml Bottle