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Samba Bossa Nova - An Alluring Collection of Contemporary Brazilian Music from Samba and Bossa Nova's New Wave.
The children of the bossa nova generation are now coming of age, and while many originally rebelled against their parents music they are now returning to it to carry the torch of the bossa nova and classic samba style. A number of the artists who appear on Samba Bossa Nova, Paulo Jobim, Jairzinho Oliveira, and Moreno Veloso, are the children of bossa nova's biggest stars. Some use contemporary instruments like samplers, turntables and computers to add new elements to the classic bossa sound. Others simply seek to excel at the faithful interpretation of the classics. Still others write new material that does not imitate pure samba and bossa nova, but is clearly inspired by it.

The result is a "nova bossa nova," a new bossa nova that maintains recognizable links to the jazzy, samba sounds of a generation ago, while propelling the music forward in new and exciting directions. Romantic, richly melodic, subtly rhythmic, and entrancing, the songs on Samba Bossa Nova is perfect mood music that captures the magic of yesterday and the invention of tomorrow.

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