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Drinking wine is a pleasure, and it's easy. Tasting wine is something else again - it's an opportunity to find new pleasures in wine but can often be intimidating. A Moment on Wine comes to the rescue with an exciting series of entertaining and, dare we say, educational wine tastings that have an abundance of passion and none of the pretense of so many structured wine tastings. James Beard award-winning wine and food writer and consultant Lyn Farmer has spent more than 30 years sipping and slurping his way around the world and in the process has developed a uniquely approachable style for sharing his love of all this potable and edible. Lyn's expertise is prized by magazines, newspapers, cruise lines and hotel chains, all of whom have benefitted from his engaging style of breaking down the barriers of "geek-speak" and making wine accessible to everyone. In this series of "virtual" wine tastings, we provide the wines to taste and the expertise to enjoy as Lyn guides you through a collection of favorite wines. Confused about why Champagne costs so much and how one bottle differs from another (and how did those bubbles get in there, anyway)? Wondering why the Rhone Valley is hot, and not just in temperature? Curious about California wines? We have tastings you are sure to savor:


The valley of the river Rhone in the South of France was first planted with grape vines by the Greeks in 600 BC and ever since, the area has been producing some of the greatest wines in France. Due to politics and changing tastes, Bordeaux and Burgundy (young upstarts, relatively speaking) took center stage in the wine world for a while, but we're in the midst of a Rhone resurgence, making this a very timely tasting. Lyn presents four wines to show the diversity of the Rhone, all from one producer, Delas Freres, so the focus stays on the region instead of varying styles of different winemakers. First, we taste a white Cotes du Rhone, a surprisingly versatile wine that works equally well as an aperitif on its own or as an engaging partner for food. Then we try the more widely encountered red Cotes du Rhone, an exceptional triumph at Delas in 2007. What makes this wine so appealing? Taste it with Lyn and you may come to some surprising conclusions. From Cotes du Rhone, we venture to the north of the Rhone Valley for a 100% Syrah from Saint-Joseph, sampling its particular combination of intensity and elegance before heading to the Southern Rhone for a classic Chateauneuf-du-Pape. In this wine the Grenache grape takes center stage and syrah plays a supporting role to delicious effect. Through the course of our tasting you'll not only hear, but taste, why there is no place like Rhone.