At-Home Wine Tastings

Check out this exciting new concept! A wine tasting you can do any time, anywhere. We’ll ship directly to you the wines and a guided wine tasting DVD with James Beard Award winning wine authority Lyn Farmer. You supply a group of thirsty friends, or have an intimate wine tasting with that someone special. Lyn makes wine easy to understand for the beginner, and experienced wine aficionados love all the new things Lyn has to offer.


Tasting #1

The valley of the river Rhone in the South of France was first planted with grape vines by the Greeks in 600 BC and ever since, the area has been producing some of the greatest wines in France. Due to politics and changing tastes, Bordeaux and Burgundy (young upstarts, relatively speaking) took center stage in the wine world for a while, but we're in the midst of a Rhone resurgence, making this a very timely tasting.
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Tasting #2
The sheer variety of wines and wine styles in California can cause even experienced wine drinkers to fall into a confused stupor when trying to make selections from a wine list. In this tasting, we explore four wines from two different wine regions, beginning with a chardonnay and a pinot noir from the Edna Valley near San Luis Obispo in California's sprawling Central Coast wine region.
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Tasting #3

Champagne is a wine first, and bubbles second: it's one of the world's great wines, but that "winey-ness" is easily lost amid all the hype over using Champagne for celebration. In fact, not all wines that sparkle are Champagne, only wines from one area of France 90 miles east of Paris. But what wines they are!
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